Powerful “Asrael” at the Bonn Opera

The five soloists are all outstanding singers. The British tenor Peter Auty as Asrael, a bit reserved at the beginning, unfolded over the course of the evening a great singing and acting performance. Although his voice lacked some Italianita, a real Tristan could not be overheard. Khatuna Mikaberidze impresses with a beautiful, cultivated mezzo-soprano and a striking messa di voce. Svetlana Kasyan, as Nefta, played her role confidently and presented a dark-sounding, dramatic soprano voice with good height, although sometimes kept in the throat. Tamara Gura, as Lidoria, acts as a mix between a high school teacher and an imperial doll. Her mezzo-soprano is powerful and likable. Finally, Pavel Kudinov, in triple roles as Il Padre / Lucifero / Il Re di Brabante, a member of the ensemble at the Bonn Opera. His dramatic, remarkably sounding bass voice and sensitive acting, contributed to the success of this evening.

The packed premiere audience was visibly overwhelmed by the evening and endlessly enthusiastic, just like some members of the Franchetti family, who came to Bonn from Italy that evening. With much real prospect of financial difficulties that, due to Corona, the theaters in Germany might face in the future, this success gives hope that “Asrael” will not disappear from the opera houses’ repertoire again for decades. Since it not only an unforgettable music experience but also a unique chance to preserve long-lost treasures, many of which, especially in Germany, were lost due to the Nazi regime. The following performances of “Asrael” are on October 22nd and November 6th and should not be missed. Please check the theatre’s Facebook page for more on Theater Bonn and some soundbites and videos. For more performance schedules, refer to the website of Opera Bonn.

All stage fotos by ©Thilo Beu

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