MET – heads keep rolling!

Stage director John Copley has been fired due to the accusation of the inappropriate behaviour

By Opera Views, February 1st, 2018

Here we go again!!!

copley_biogMET´s general manager Peter Gelb acts rigorously by firing British stage director John Copley from rehearsals of the revival his own “Semiramide” production. The statement from MET´in today´s “New York Times” reports, that

“…following a complaint from a chorister about inappropriate behavior in the rehearsal room that was received on Monday, Jan. 29, John Copley is no longer directing the revival of ‘Semiramide’ that will open on Feb. 19.”

The expulsion took place in quite a haste manner, to possibly avoid any similar accusations of neglecting and covering-up, as it happened in a case with James Levine. This rush decision might be a reasonable one, not only because of the house´s reputation, but also because of the MET´s continuing struggle in getting the audience in every performance full.

Foto: ROH,  London

Mr Copley, 84, is considered to be a stage director veteran of the Royal Opera House and MET. So far no detailed statement is being issued by Copley´s Managemen Columbia Artist. Mr Compley himself has issued a short statement stating

“Just to thank you all for your generous support and loving wishes. This is a very difficult time, helped by you all. Uncle John.” Source

There is a rumour going around, that a choir member, who accused Copley, has some difficulties with understanding English and thus might have misunderstood what was being said.  One way or the other, such an action by Peter Gelb has an odour of an insecurity and inability to manage internal conflicts without getting pre-scarred.

John Copley, who was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2014 Queen’s New Years Honours List for his services to Opera, should have definitely deserved a thorough internal investigation before just being kicked out like this. Strangely enough, the Official MET website has no mention what so ever about this decision.

This hunting after famous and influential arts and theatre personalities initiated by Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017 already claimed big names in the world of music and theatre in the US, now leaping to Europe.  There is also another rumour going on about some subject-devoted press hunters, who dig up under Placido Domingo´s reputation. Well, how does it being said: The show must go on?


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