Genuinely believing in the power of performing arts

Antje Schupp undoubtfully belongs to the young and promising generation of the contemporary German music theatre stage directors. Opera Views was happy to acquire “10 Questions for…” interview with this talented young woman and gladly presents it to our readers.

Hamburg Pamina cannot fly!

Pregnant Pamina cannot fly! Soprano Julie Fuchs was suspended from the title role of Pamina from the new production of the “Magic Flute” by Hamburg State Opera house.

A laugh through tears

Oxana Arkaevas our-of-the-road recital  performance in the Podium of Theatee in Ulm By E. Pluta, March 28th, 2018 Armed with a suitcase, acting like a bum, an old woman hobbles onto the empty stage and begins with the wistful retrospect of the old Countess of Queen of Spades, remembering an aria (from Gretry) from her…