Genuinely believing in the power of performing arts

Antje Schupp undoubtfully belongs to the young and promising generation of the contemporary German music theatre stage directors. Opera Views was happy to acquire “10 Questions for…” interview with this talented young woman and gladly presents it to our readers.

The terrifying night in the museum

The terrifying night in the museum. Antonio Vivaldi´s opera “Motezuma”, a 285 years old opera-excavation at the theatre in Ulm, Germany.

Hamburg Pamina cannot fly!

Pregnant Pamina cannot fly! Soprano Julie Fuchs was suspended from the title role of Pamina from the new production of the “Magic Flute” by Hamburg State Opera house.

Happy Easter to all!

Dear friends all over the opera world! Photo: Scene from 2017 production of “Parsifal” by Richard Wagner Opera Views would like to wish you peaceful and happy Easter celebrations full of music, beautiful singing, thoughtful meditation and reflection as well as time for yourself, your mind and spirit! Our friend of Russian and Greek Orthodox confession still have a…

A laugh through tears

Oxana Arkaevas our-of-the-road recital  performance in the Podium of Theatee in Ulm By E. Pluta, March 28th, 2018 Armed with a suitcase, acting like a bum, an old woman hobbles onto the empty stage and begins with the wistful retrospect of the old Countess of Queen of Spades, remembering an aria (from Gretry) from her…

Lächeln unter Tränen

Ein gewöhnlicher Arienabend war das nicht, der „psychologisch-musikalisch-literarische Rundgang“, den die Sopranistin Oxana Arkaeva unter dem Titel Das edle Leid der noblen Frauen im Podium des Ulmer Theaters herausgebracht hat (Premiere: 17. März 2018). Losgelöst aus dem Zusammenhang der Stücke und konfrontiert mit den literarischen Texten ergeben die vorgestellten Arien oft einen ganz neuen Sinn.

MET – heads keep rolling!

This hunting after famous and influential arts and theatre personalities initiated by Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017 already claimed big names in the world of music and theatre in US, now leaping to Europe. 

Update: Porgy and Bess in Budapest!

“According to Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.: The Hungarian State Opera did not receive permission to produce Porgy And Bess with a cast of Hungarian singers. “The manner in which this production of Porgy And Bess is being produced is unauthorized and is contrary to the requirements for the presentation of the work.”