Corona and culture. Contemporary on-site eyewitness’s report

When the time will come, and we are allowed to reopen, we would have to decide whether it is still economically reasonable for us to bring out the production we have planned or just let the “Orfeo” seen only by a few, to perform. We have already planned a long-term strategy. We have to make an essential decision, whether we want to play in front of 50 people, or whether we will be closed again. I don’t think anyone can answer this question at the moment. In terms of the audience, I’m less worried. People will come back, as they will be very much hungry for live music and performance.

Corona and Culture. 10 Questions for Jörg Löwer

Interview with Jörg Löwer, the President of the Union of German Stage Members in Germany. Foto: Jörg Löwer. @Peter Vogel. By Oxana Arkaeva Following two previous interviews with Rolf Bolwin, a former Managing Director of the German Theater Association – Federal Association of German Theater and Orchestra and Kay Metzger, the intendant of the theater in Ulm, this…

Corona and the Opera: 10 questions for Kay Metzger

Interview with Kay Metzger Intendant at the Theater Ulm, Germany 27. Juli 2020 Read in Spanish Stage director and Intendant Kay Metzger was born in Kiel in 1960. He grew up in Bonn and Mannheim and studied theater science in Munich. There he began his career as an assistant to acclaimed German stage director August…

Corona and the Opera – Opinion

After the initial shock at the beginning of social look down in Germany after the March 13th and an attempt by the government to offer a temporarily (three months) financial support to self-employed freelancers, including artists and art workers, a broad-range, feverish artistic activities over-flooded the world of an Internet.

Corona and the Opera

I am convinced that the State will try to maintain such institutions like the City and State theaters. This broad landscape of public culture offerings is a unique selling point for Germany. You won’t just put that at risk, especially since it would also be a very negative signal for society and communities.

Cinderella is a Handy Woman

Cendrillon (Cinderella) by Jules Massenet Municipal Theater in Ulm, Germany Premiere on December 19th, 2019 Pictures: Martin Kaufhold BY OXANA ARKAEVA Read in Spanish on ProÒpera The fairy tale opera by Jules Massenet is composed to a French libretto by Henri Caïn and is based on Charles Perrault´s tale of Cendrillon from 1698. Routed among others in the Greek story by Strabo…

One 16 years old and three murders in just 100 minutes

The first Premiere of 2019 Opera Festival Season at the Munich State Opera featured one of the most challenging and exciting operas of the 20th century: “Salome” by Richard Strauß. Conducted by parting general musical director Kirill Petrenko and staged by Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski, the evening was a true celebration of the orchestra and the mastery of ist leader.

Female powers amid an endless loneliness

The staging is conventional and apart from for Kosky’s typical hectic, Eros-filled chaos, was rather an unspectacular accumulation of the mostly at-the-front-stage singing. The characters are divided into beautiful, strong, manipulative women and mostly weak, hyperactive, but extremely horny males. All act on the verge of a nervous breakdown, hormonal over-pressure, and constantly building-up lust.

Genuinely believing in the power of performing arts

Antje Schupp undoubtfully belongs to the young and promising generation of the contemporary German music theatre stage directors. Opera Views was happy to acquire “10 Questions for…” interview with this talented young woman and gladly presents it to our readers.